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Bespoke Barrel Program

The Bespoke Barrel Program allows you to partner with our award-winning team of winemakers to hand-craft your very own wine. Designed to provide an exceptional level of input and customization, the Bespoke Barrel Program affords customers a team of skilled winemakers, compliance officers, graphic designers, and a whole host of other talented professionals.

Developed for business owners looking to provide clients with an affordable gift, wine enthusiasts interested in developing their own brands, and event planners looking to add a unique touch to their celebrations, the Bespoke Barrel Program leverages years of experience, capital, equipment, and know-how to help each customer create a tailored wine selection.

From vine to bottle, we guide you through the creation of your own personalized brand. Starting with the development of a wine label, continued by printing and bottle selection, and finished with varietal blending and launch, the Bespoke Barrel Program is unlike any other wine branding service in that it offers a behind-the-scenes experience that touches on every detail of the wine-making tradition.

We invite you to discuss our program with one of our sales consultants, and are excited to help you craft a taste that’s as delicious as it is uniquely yours.

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